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This is the untold love story of Ariel’s daughter, Melody. 

Part mermaid, part human, she’s spent the years after schooling at the kingdom back in the water to rediscover her mermaid heritage. She wanted to know the side of her that sang the sirens call. While she was under the sea she met a lord of the deep sea. He attended a meeting with her grandfather, Triton. He was dark, mysterious, and ruled over the darkest sea. She was immediately enthralled by the question of him. She’d always had a spirit of wonder and found that piece of him, the void, enchanting…

A Mermaid’s Odyssey | Santa Barbara, California

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Three flights, three trains, two metro, six buses, and a taxi ride later we made it to Italy. It was late, we had no idea where we were, no cell service, and nobody spoke English. At that point we’d been traveling for over 30 hours, and we were in desperate need of a shower, but […]


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When I was in high school, we had service days- no surprise. Ask any Christian school kid and they will understand. Usually you go to a different place every year, but by happenstance I ended up at the same place twice: the Habitat for Humanity Restore. It’s basically a place that you can take unused house […]


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For college students, rest is pretty unheard of, let alone for graduate students such as myself. Rest is such a  big thing that in the world of pharmacy there are multiple categories of sleeping and depresive medications to help patients achieve just that. I purposely said rest instead of sleep because I- like many I know- can […]


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The one game that seems to follow each generation is ‘hide and go seek’. It was fun when I was a kid because there were more places to hide, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found myself being ‘it’ because I’m too easy to find. The rules can change, but the point of the game usually […]

Hide and Seek

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You never realize how many choices we make on a day to day basis until you’re standing in the toothpaste isle with over 50 options to choose from. Let alone pumpkin picking season, where you’re lost in a pumpkin patch among hundreds of identical pumpkins and you have to make a decision. Recently my sister […]


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On my morning drive to work this summer, I would pass by the demolition of a local hospital. The merging of Springfield’s two major hospitals into a new building left two empty buildings to sit vacant. Every year since, every time I would pass the hospital I thought to myself, ‘how sad, something that once […]


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When I was little, I thought I possessed the same power every 6 year old who rides in a van with automatic doors does- the power to open inanimate objects with the words “open sesame”. I’d walk up to automatic doors, say the magic words, and they would open. Obviously the older you get, the […]

Open Sesame (Week 4)

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Growing up I never ate peanut butter and jelly. Something about the combination made me disgusted, even the smell. When I found out that PB&J was going to be our main food group, I was pretty worried. Come our first outreach, the wonderful blend served as lunch, dinner, and afternoon snacks. Not only did our […]

Sustenance (Week 3)

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After a crazy first week, we were able to go on a Safari before our team leader and his daughter left for Kenya. We were escorted by Melody, a Cedarville grad who has been working for TLC for about 4 and a half years. After almost being charged by an angry elephant, chasing giraffes, and […]

Two Places at Once (Week 2)

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