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First of all, thank you for finding me, no matter how you got here. I'm one of those people that cares about even the small things with their whole heart. I hope that is our experience- that you see how much i value each individual i serve, and that we can laugh until we snort while doing it!

my passion is people, simply put. whoever comes through my door leaves my bestie. i can't help but connect with you and the people i meet who make you feel loved. it's not just the beauty of the life event, it's the simple beauty that's been nurtured over time. that's what i see. that's what i capture. beauty in the ordinary & extraordinary ✨you✨

I'm kaila (kay-luh)

I was always that work-hard-overachiever-type. I went to pharmacy school to pursue the career i thought made sense. After 5 years, I finished my hardest year, and quit. i realized that my aspirations were too small. I wanted to serve people, on my own terms, in my own way. no limitations. becoming a photographer opened a world i didn't know existed- where i could feel the biggest feelings with people and capture it forever. Not only that, but I could stand beside them through it and be a voice of peace. I truly feel like i won the lottery to meet as many beautiful souls as i do, who value me as a whole and trust me in those moments.

what i truly want is to give you photos that transport you back to the feeling you had in the moment they were taken.

those moments that you can't put into words, but they make you feel alive- like when you're announced for the first time, or when you hear your baby's first cry. where you aren't necessarily thinking, but you're feeling.

of course you'll get the "look at me and smile" shots (the ones for grandma!), but i want you to experience the moment while i take care of the rest. 

my photography journey didn't start in a classroom or end with a capstone. well, not a collegiate classroom. it did begin in a classroom in honduras, with little eyes watching me from their rooms. my first exposure to life outside of america opened my eyes to how much more was out there. not things or experiences per se, but how love speaks. when you don't speak the same language, you have to learn to speak with body language. the woman sitting outside the temple in india, playing "monos" with mi amiguito in the dominican, the boy who brought me a live crab in honduras, or the girls who wouldn't let go of my hand in africa. this is how love speaks.Connection is about so much more than words, and that's what I care about. 


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my hubby, main squeeze, lover boy

my beautiful angel girl

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(he is my main second shooter, so you may see him around!)

I've always been The person to question what seems obvious, and learn through observation and research. In preschool, we were given chicken feet and taught how to make the foot move with the tendons.  That curiosity never went away!

"do the best you can until you know better. then when you know better, do better."
- maya angelou

I started using a camera when i was 3. I was completely self taught in photography, and remember my dad telling me to "put the camera down and enjoy the moment" when i was 12 years old in disney. I remember thinking "But this is how I enjoy the moments". 

"every great dream begins with a dreamer."
-harriet tubman

In highschool I won the same scholarship award As rory gilmore, but with a higher overall GPA. I based Parts of my valedictorian speech on hers.

Yeah, i was that girl.

" second one is populated with characters slightly less eccentric, but supremely real, made of flesh and bone, full of love, who are my ultimate inspiration for everything."
- Rory gilmore

i had never been west of Ohio until i became a photographer. My goal was to join photoshoots all the way to california in my first full year, and I did!  I've always loved traveling, and have seen 2/7 wonders of the world. My life goal is to see them all! 

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
– Andre Gide

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